Review: Motörhead – No sleep’til Hammersmith

The album is a classic, as it is called so, but for me it is new, because i have get the record a few days ago in a special offer.

It is a live album, first published in 1981, in a year where i’ve other interest than music.

There is really not much to say about this album except that it is just great.
The atmosphere of this concert event were captured perfectly, the album is not wrong to become a classic.

The disc rocks is fun and quite a few live albums can hide behind.

Motörhead has indeed a live album recorded in 1998 in Hamburg, an album which I owned before this one, but that does not quite up to the mood of this short and crisp disk.

The two albums are to be compared not quite, because some years are in technology development and band experience between them, but I think the Everything louder than everyone else it means, Hamburg live album, certainly a good following in the footsteps of No sleep’til Hammersmith .

No sleep’til Hammersmith is, I think, a kind of standard which relates to live discs.
It rocks, is fun, captures the mood of the gig and moved them on to the receiver and is simply a great record made.

The tracklist:

1st Ace of Spades „- 3:01
2nd Stay Clean – 2:50
3rd Metropolis – 3:31
4th The Hammer – 3:05
5th Iron Horse / Born to Loose „- 3:58
6th No Class – 2:34
7th Overkill – 5:13
8th (We Are) The Road Crew „- 3:31
9th Capricorn – 4:40
10th Bomber – 3:24
11th Motörhead – 4:47

So if you find the album somewhere once, for example in Amazon
for under 10 € and you are like Motörhead, I simply recommend this album to you.
It has everything what makes a live album and that’s not even that much.
It just fits what is offered here, the atmosphere, the recording, production.

I can just say only a recommendation, and indeed that this is a great disk. Although it has some years under their belts.

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